Thursday, March 19, 2009

Where does all that snow go?

This morning I did my weekly presentation of artworks in our oldest's school classroom - the program goes for about six weeks each spring. To get from the university to the elementary school, I hike a beautiful trail (about 3 miles round-trip) each time I present. On today's hike, I was excited to see water blasting through the creek, so I decided the kids needed to experience where all of our melting snow goes.

This afternoon my three oldest and I started up a section of the trail. We picked up fallen white pine cones, looked at ice formations at the water's edge and raised our voices to hear each other over the roar of the cascading runoff. There was so much to see that I missed watching my son fall into a shallow pool. He received a first-hand lesson in the poor insulative qualities of cotton pants (jeans) but was soon warmed by blankets back at the van (no need for me to scold).

Despite the abrupt ending to our jaunt, we all had a great time experiencing the much-anticipated change of seasons in our nearby urban wilderness.


Cindy Smith said...

I think I've seen that trail and have been wanting to try it out, is it the one that runs through the neighborhoods above the school? I'm sorry you had to cut things short, you never know what to expect with 5 kids, right? :).

Stacey said...

We saw your families' "great idea" in the Family Fun magazine. That's twice now that I've seen. It inspired me to put in something of my own. We'll see if it makes it in. Glad to see your family is doing well, but we miss you over in our neck of the woods.