Sunday, January 17, 2010

Biking to School

We've been able to leave the car parked several times over the past week or two while I've waited for my new job to begin. The three oldest kids and I have powered ourselves about 1 mile each way to and from their school on bikes. Our fashionable bright vests have allowed us to ride safely along neighborhood roads and discover just how hilly our area is. (In this image L - in blue - is not wearing her vest as she rode home in the bike trailer.)

Hoping that we can make biking more of a habit, our two-car garage houses the van in one bay and the bicycles in the other - ready to ride.

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Cindy Smith said...

That's great you live close enough to do that, and the weather is warm enough there I'm sure. I still think it's funny that you are living near where I used to live and we are living where you used to live, we just switched places...