Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter Sunday

We enjoyed a lot of family time today for Easter. We listened to great talks focusing on the teachings of Christ from worldwide Church leaders over the internet (with a very reliable connection) as General Conference was scheduled for this weekend. Time and time again I could feel how they desire the success of our families.

Anna had put together new outfits for the kids - making good use of local thrift stores. Our children sure are beautiful. Anna also prepared wonderful meals for our Easter celebration: a breakfast casserole with tangerine juice from tangerines I picked from a neighborhood tree (yes, with permission) with A and H's help; a lunch of broiled fish, honeycomb, and small loaves of artisan bread; and a dinner with ham and red and sweet potatoes. You can tell we enjoy food. I had fun playing Sunday games and otherwise entertaining the kids throughout the day.


Steph said...

Your family is so inspirational! Your kids look awesome and that Easter day food souns amazing! I love Easter and wasn't conference fantastic! They seem to get better and better every time and this one was definitely my favorite!

Mary said...

You have a beautiful family. What a nice way to spend Easter.