Monday, July 26, 2010

Exploring our neighborhood

Anna recently learned about a new nature center not too far from our house. We set off to explore it and the creekside trail that adjoins it. Turned out the center was not open, but we took the trail down toward the creek and found big, juicy blackberries along the way. It's fun to find the little pockets of nature nearby and learn what the native plants and animals really are.

I returned over the weekend to complete the trail with H and L. It was warm, but we spotted quite a bit of wildlife. H wasn't as disappointed as I was to find no snakes along the route.


awhammari said...

Is that where the "buffalo" was hiding? Snakes are not fun to surprise along the trail. It looks like a nice area for a picnic.

Diane Conn said...

Hey! It looks like you have a true "Bush Baby"!

Cindy Smith said...

I'm glad you found somewhere like that, sounds like a good replacement for Hartley. :)