Friday, February 01, 2008

Each Monday night our family gets together to sing, share a lesson and do a simple activity. It was my turn to present the activity this past week, so I decided we should make paper hats. My mother-in-law recently sent a fun activity book written in the 1970's where I found the instructions for this simple old-style military/baker/scout hat.
With several sheets of recycled newspaper, some instructions and enthusiastic art direction from the kids, everyone was outfitted in about 15 minutes and play continued through eating treats until bedtime. Through experiences like this simple activity, I remember that our families are happiest by working and being together--regardless of the amount of money spent or the size of the activity.

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KellyAnne said...

Anna gave me the link to your blog. Hope you don't mind if I comment! (I'm a former roommate)
Keep up the blogging! It's fun to see how you guys are doing and read your thoughts. Tell Anna to get in on it! :)