Saturday, October 25, 2008

Despite the absence of any posts in September, it was a busy month for our family. School started up for the two oldest children and Dad. With the new baby on the way, Anna and I were able to arrange my teaching and classes so that I can take the school-goers to the bus stop in the mornings while the younger children stay sleeping. It's nice to have that little bit of extra time to visit and learn about my kids' lives as we wait at the bus stop. We have been noticing the change in seasons with falling leaves, migrating birds and dropping temperatures.

While on the subject of seasons, we enjoyed a much more bountiful harvest from our small garden this year. We pulled about a bushel of carrots. The kids kept asking if they could eat another carrot each time they passed the large bowl of bright orange veggies. This happens with apples picked from friends' trees too. Our garden also gave us peas, cilantro, corn, jalapenos, broccoli, onions, beans and loads of large green tomatoes (which eventually ripened indoors).

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Hamlie said...

I love hearing and seeing what your beautiful family is up to throughout the year. You always have such great activities that I'm sure your children will remember throughout their lives. Love you and miss you!