Saturday, October 25, 2008

We have enjoyed a nice long autumn this year. The leaves put on what seemed an extended show for us. They are now nearly all planning for next year's performance while enriching the soils they will receive nourishing inspiration from later. My son H and I went for a nice paddle recently into one of their theaters. He told me during a Sunday interview that he wanted to report about something fun we did together for show and tell at school. Realizing that we hadn't had any recent adventure, I told him we'd go canoeing. We borrowed a friend's canoe and launched from his place. On this trip (pictured above) we enjoyed sunny skies and watched kingfishers and cormorants flying low around us. I shout Encore!

We've also been enjoying some good indoor activities this month. From several of the apples Anna picked from generous friends' trees, we made caramel apples during a family night. I don't remember enjoying a caramel apple as much as that one.

Thanks to our new broadband connection, we could also watch sessions from the General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from the comfort of our couch. We felt sometimes distracted, sometimes drowsy but mostly inspired by the messages of hope and peace brought to us by the living oracles of God. The kids were excited to see again the kind leaders they have come to recognize and know. They kept busy coloring the pattern of each of the brethren's neckties as he spoke.


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Cindy Smith said...

How fun, you are a blogger too!
I agree. the colors were beautiful here, I've never seen so many fall colors everywhere...

Lydia and Adam said...

Wow Anna...I stumbled across your blog while looking at Diana's look happy. Just wantee to say hi....If you go to Diana's blog you can see the link to mine...hope all is well!