Sunday, December 14, 2008

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. To me, it's about being with people I love and thinking of all the blessings we enjoy. Everyone can find something to be grateful for. It's also been fun to invite others who cannot travel to enjoy our family.

The day after Thanksgiving was forecasted to be the last nice weather for a long while (probably for the next four months). We hadn't received significant snow at the time and the leaves were still on out front lawn. What a perfect day to get outside and, enjoy some sunshine and rake a big pile of leaves. After some good exercise, each child enjoyed several crash landings into a largely linden leaf pile.

After I decided I was too tired to continue launches, the kids made their attempt at picking me up to throw me in the pile. Eventually, they came up with the somewhat successful idea of pushing me into the pile.

It's interesting to see these pictures now with our recent snowstorm dropping 8 inches of fresh white over the landscape. As I complete the requirements for my MFA this semester, I look forward to some new adventure with my family. Stay tuned...

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