Sunday, September 05, 2010

Kayak Date

Most of my posts show activities involving my children. That is important, but my relationship with my wife is of even greater importance.

A couple of weekends ago, Anna and I went for a paddle on the lake near our home. I had been wanting to get out on this lake for some time, so we rented a pair of sit-on-top kayaks and spent some time together while a good friend watched the kids. The weather was pleasant with a bit of a breeze pushing sailboats around us.

It was fun to be outside having uninterrupted conversations with my dear friend. Experiences like this remind me how much I love and appreciate Anna - and that I just like to be with her.

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Steph said...

Aw, I love that! So simple and sweet. Kayaking around here is the best. Sounds like you went to Folsom Lake? You should also try kayaking on the American River in Folsom. It's beautiful, especially in the morning :)