Monday, May 09, 2011

April Family Camping Trip

We took the whole gang camping last month and had a great time. The area - recommended by a friend - is located a whole 15 minutes from our home. It's hard to tell what you're looking at on the online reservation system, but when we arrived, we felt like we had the best site in the campground.

We really enjoyed the setting and privacy offered by large boulders, oak trees, and healthy grasses and shrubs. Several rounds of hide-and-seek were played by all.

We enjoyed eating together, including chili and chips for dinner that helped H fulfill a Cub Scout requirement to plan and cook an outdoor meal. We also ate s'mores in the evening and a satisfying breakfast of Dutch oven sticky buns. Having never camped at a state park here, I was pleasantly surprised to find hot running water that made dutch oven clean-up a breeze!


Anonymous said...

what a WONDERFUL time together!! =D we're looking foward to going back to Glacier Nat'l Park this summer for a few more nights of camping!!!

Cindy Smith said...

What fun! There is a place on the coast a little north of you that we used to camp at a lot that was absolutely wonderful, it's called Patricks Point, up by Eureka. You should check it out, totally worth the drive, I think. Lake Superior's north shore always reminded me of California's north coast, so maybe it will remind you of Lake Superior. :)

Josh and Anna said...
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