Monday, June 27, 2011

Lots of Water Time

May and June brought us out to the water (since the water finally stopped falling on us). H and I went fishing on the big lake on a boat with some friends. It was a windy morning, but we had a fun time together eating candy and zipping over choppy water while dragging sparkly things behind the boat. I hadn't been fishing in a long time and had only bought a 1-day fishing license, so I made the best of it by biking down to the river later in the day with A to get our lines wet. She improved her casting skills somewhat and we had a fun time together - that's what counts, right?

We returned as a family to the lake a few weeks later to celebrate A's birthday according to her tradition. So far she's been able to float her cake in a new body of water each year - and so far none of her cakes have been dumped! We ate the seaworthy cake and spent the pleasant evening examining rocks and throwing them into the lake.

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