Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Daddy-daughter kayaking

A Daddy-daughter camping trip just hasn't been working out with schedules this summer, but I knew they were really excited to go paddling in a place "less-bumpy" than the Bois-Brule River in Wisconsin. L needed a better association with the sport.

We rented a tandem kayak with a child-sized seat in the middle and set out to explore the lake near home. We saw geese, gulls, cormorants, and mergansers on the water and circled an island. After investigating a small inlet, we turned around and could see the spire of the LDS temple beyond the trees over the port bow. Look in the photo just above A's black cap.

We had a very pleasant time on the lake and hope to get out more often.


Steph said...

How fun! That's neat that you could see the temple :)

Cindy Smith said...

Looks like a blast! I went kayaking for the first time a few weeks ago in Brainerd, fun stuff!

casa chandler said...

Josh and Anna,
Glad you came across our blog...even if I've been horrible with updating it this last year. Too many excuses I guess.
I'm glad you have Doug's CD. I LOVE it! I was introduced to Doug through Sherry's sister, Janie. She's in my stake. Small world!
But, no, I was not singing in Women's Conf. But now I'm curious so I'll have to go back and watch it again!