Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Golden Gate

Our crew visited my brother and his family for a day in San Francisco last month. A much-anticipated highlight of the trip was a walk on the golden gate bridge. At first H didn't believe we would actually be able to get out on it - he had known of the bridge's fame for some time before.

We were happy to have the weather hold out for us as we walked on the busy bridge's surface. We ate lunch at a park near the bridge and were nearly finished when the rain began to pour (see the 2nd family photo). We were able to escape to our van and spent the rest of the afternoon visiting and playing indoors. We had a great time with family in the bay area.


Nick and Trish said...

Such a great picture of the family :) Love it!

Cindy Smith said...

How fun, I have visited there many times, this brings back memories. I always thought Duluth reminded me of the bay area too, with all the hills and ships and bridges.
I'm glad you were able to spend time with family and have fun.