Monday, September 13, 2010

Labor Day weekend fun

The Saturday before Labor Day we finally set up a makeshift slip and slide the kids had been requesting. Ours was basically a huge tarp we once had manure delivered on in our driveway (we didn't remind the kids until they were done sliding). Anna sat at the top of our little backyard hill in command of the hose while we slid down our lumpy backyard. It was fun and our setup worked out well. (Don't pay any attention to our stunt doubles atop the hill.)

On Labor Day we took a short drive to the hills to visit a couple of apple orchards which celebrated the opening of their season with crafts and a petting zoo. Papa Peine should be excited to see the tractor the kids took turns "driving".
The drive was beautiful among the hillside farms and orchards. I am excited to go back when the apples have ripened for some freshly-pressed apple cider - maybe we'll find an orchard of our own to tend someday in the future.

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Steph said...

That slip-n-slide picture is the greatest!